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About us

Artist was born in Bogota, Colombia. From a very young age, his love for art influenced by skateboarding, graffiti and rap music, he studied graphic design and digital painting.
Already in 2020 he traveled to the United States and began to publicize his work and in 2022 he founded the premium clan tattoo art studio located in San Jose California where he currently works with other artists who are very passionate about art.

Dalton jaramillo tattoo

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our studio

has the highest standards of safety, cleaning and disinfection

Our tattoo studio guarantees the safety of both clients and employees at all times, which is why it follows strict hygiene standards.

Basic conditions of our premises

Basic tattoo care

The tattoo is a wound and you have to take care of it as such. With this series of care and rules, your tattoo will not give you problems during its healing. Once tattooed, remove the bandage after two or three hours. Hand wash carefully with cold water and neutral or antiseptic soap, do not rub with sponges or the like. Dry with the towel in the form of a tampon. Once dry, give a thin layer of the Recommended Cream Whenever you can get to the open (air), do not cover unless it is essential. Apply the CREAM for 15 days three or four times a day. The tattoo must always be hydrated, never let it dry.If underwear or highly configured clothing goes directly over the tattoo, cover the tattoo to avoid damaging it by rubbing it, until the skin has regenerated for 5 or 6 days. After 4 or 5 days the tattoo will begin to peel and will be covered with a very thin skin, it is normal, do not tear out the cons (scabs), or scratch the tattoo if it itches. Data to take into account: Do not apply hydrogen peroxide, etc, etc. Do not apply colognes, makeup or wet wipes on the tattoo during healing. Do not expose the tattoo to the sun during the first month. Do not swim in pools or sea during the first month.

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